Electric Pony was founded by Cara Suglich and Kira Crugnale with a mission to make creative work in service of brands we believe in. Combined, we have worked at least 13,280 hours at some of the top creative agencies in the world, for clients from baby care to beer (‘cradle to grave’). We like to think that we can do everything the big boys can but, in cases when humility is necessary, we’re fortunate to have access to top-class talent to get your job done right every time — thanks to those 13,280 hours of working with real life geniuses.

The creative industry is changing. Just like everything else, from technology to your own human body. Your ears are growing right now! We’re far from scientists but we love experiments. And that’s what this is. Electric Pony is our attempt to test a hypothesis: We believe that businesses want better creative work and better relationships with their creative partners. And we believe that we can deliver both when we believe in your business. That’s a lot of believing but you can’t see magic if you don’t believe it might show up. Wondering what “better” is? We are, too. We’ve definitely experienced it, so we know it’s real, but we want your help writing the future of what “better” can be. So if you want better, join the Electric Pony party today.


Meet Your Ponies


Cara Suglich
Co-founder & Creative Director

Cara is a writer who loves stories that remind us that we’re all just human animals, searching for connection and a bag of chips.


Kira Crugnale
Co-founder & Design Lead

Kira is a commercial artist with a focus on design, lettering and illustration.