Electric Pony
Electric Pony
Cradle-to-grave creative services.

Electric Pony is a creative agency that serves brands, businesses, ideas and dogs we believe in*. From brand invention and identity design to bringing your brand to life in new and surprising ways, we can help you achieve your dreams. We'd love to meet you and hear your story.

*We believe in all dogs, but some good boys are easier to work with than others.

Saddle up, partners.


Electric Pony offers ‘cradle to grave’ creative services for businesses we believe in.

We work collaboratively with our client partners to build on existing brands or help you create new businesses from the ground up. Our wide range of services means we’re here to help in any way that helps you achieve your dreams.

Like what you see? Get in touch with us at howdy@electricpony.work.


How can we help you today?

Pick from one or many of the creative services we have to offer.

Brand Identity
Identity Crises
Crisis Resolution
Brand Toolkits (with real tools you can use)
Logo Design
Naming (for brands, babies, etc.)
Playing Tag
Playing Plays
General Storytelling
Linked-in Endorsements
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Directions Anywhere in Chicago (but not far beyond)
Writing of Universes Far Beyond
Love Notes
Sick Notes
Post-it Notes
Convocation Speeches
Idea Incubation
(Back to speeches tho, not delivery of, sorry)
(And other fables featuring animals and archetypes)

Brand Archetypes
Brand Planning
Party Planning
(Not life planning, sorry)
Life Living
Experiential Production
Other Kinds of Production
Pop-up Shops
Dinner Parties
Pony Parties
Social Parties
Social Media
Media Advice
Human Advice
Human-Centered Design
Human-Centered Ideas
Moments That Make Humans Feel More Human
(and things that teach us to be better humans to each other)
Teaching of Workshops
Teaching of Interns (is that you?)
International Jet-Setters
Sign Writing
Sign Painting

Neon Sign Concepting
General Concepting
(Not general contracting, sorry.)

Jogging (rarely)
Rare Plant Admiring
Plant-Based Endeavors
Campaign Work
Campaign Rallies
Rally Hats
Neat Hats
Neat Ideas
Ideas That Do Good
Doing Stuff
Making Stuff
Stuff That Changes Your Mind About Stuff
Change Experiments That Are Cool For You
Cool Collateral, Ephemera, Swag
Packaging (that is also cool)
Packaging That Is Also Responsible
Also, Websites

— Don’t see what you need? We doubt it.
But on the off chance that we really did miss something feel free to ask for it anyway. We’re pretty good at sorting things out on the fly.